Shattered Realms, the AD&D version...

Oh so much information to work on.  For the moment, as we are using the same information for the AD&D game as we are for the MUD, please use the races listed for the MUD as a base for here.  I'm working on them as quickly as I can.

Please keep in mind that a lot of these are still under development, so information might not quite be on the site yet.


Basics:  Human, Autumnborn, Mul

Elves: Daliath, Faraois, Avariel, Fiain, Drow

Dwarves: Fjallinen, Makinen, Duergar

Halflings: Hobbit, Vilbar, Gnome

Wyldkin: Katachti, Hundur

Giantkin: Firbolg

Goblinkin: Uruk