Sukianya Takashi-Monroe

The Racer

A young woman standing a mere 5'3" with a very athletic build. She has definite Asian features with the exception of her piercing sapphire eyes. Her waist length straight raven hair is usually pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of her way as she works. Most days you can catch her in a pair of denim cut-off shorts and a bikini top that shows off her well-toned, well-tanned body, but when she is working in the pain shop she wears black denim overalls with a white wife beater tank top and her black boots.

Leilani Nohano

The Dancer

5'2" black hair, dark eyes

Daniella Smith

The Investigator

5'8", brunette, green eyes

Desiree Aimee Augustus


5'9", raven hair, green eyes

Anne Baker

Lawyer and Bar Owner

This young woman stands 5'7", with fiery red hair and piercing green eyes hiding an intelligence that is just stunning.

Anne Baker, mortal, lawyer, pub co-owner... Much of this young woman's past before she moved from London to Houston in the fall of 1998 to finish college is unknown. At the end of her junior year she got a job tending bar at one of the local pubs to make some money for the summer.  She continued working for the pub through college. While there, she became good friends with and dated one of the other bartenders, Braxton Hollis. After graduating, she found an entry level position with a law firm, working there during the day and her evenings she continued to work at the pub.  Almost a year after she passed her bar and got her license, she and Braxton decided to open up their own pub. They found one close to the college with a 2 bedroom apartment above it.  Shortly after opening the pub, she found that it was difficult to work at the law firm and still be able to run the pub with Braxton, so she decided to open up her own practice, using the pub as her office.

Braxton Hollis