The Goddess of Death and the Undead

The Goddess of Death and the Undead

You feel suddenly captivated by the image of great beauty which steps from the shadows, pushing the hood of her cloak back to fall on her shoulders. Before you is a very dark skinned young woman. Her face, with its subdued elven features, is framed by her mid-thigh length silver hair, worn loosely down her back, between a pair of ebony feathered wings that are currently wrapped around her. She attentively watches the world around her, including you, with piercing bright violet eyes. After a moment, she blinks once and stretches first the wings, spreading them a full 10 feet wide, then her arms, reaching above her head for a moment before bringing them down to her sides, her right forearm rests on the black, spider carved pommel of her long sword, while her left rests on the top of a large, black double bladed battle axe, the blade of which has spiders with a single red hourglass on their back etched on it. With wings now spread behind her, you can see the black chain mail bra type top, etched in silver with a beautifully intricate design. Wrapped around her she wears a black hooded cloak almost dragging the ground as she walks, upon which is embroidered Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin, specifically made to accommodate her beautiful wings. Across her back is a black quiver with black shafted arrows fletched with black feathers, and an unstrung, finely crafted black oak, rune carved long bow. At the bottom of the quiver is a barb tipped black whip attached to the belt that accentuates her slender waist. Her well-muscled legs are covered with a skin tight pair of black pants, over which she wears a pair of cuisses protecting her things with greaves and sabaton protecting her lower legs and feet. All the pieces of armor she wears are also black and intricately etched in silver. After a moment, she reaches both black leather gloved hands up to pull the hood of her cloak back up and steps back into the shadows, disappearing completely.


The Harbinger of Death


The harbinger towered at a full 7 foot. A giant of a man by all standards. His physique, envied by the gods, was built for war. Clad in a flawless, glossed black contoured plate, fit for his thickly muscled form, he passed among the living and dead alike, feared. The limbs of this obsidian titan, were like sculpted trunks of oak- Powerful and sturdy. A set of spiked Vambraces covered his arms, like the Greaves on his legs. Spiked pauldrons, Midgaard gauntlet and instep were spiked as well. A ratty cloak obscured most of his monstrous physique until he moved, and all around him was death. His skin, when his half Skull mask was removed, was dark and flawless. His gaze, deep amber. The tips of his ears, betrayed mixed heritage, the tiny smooth scale of demonhood marked this Champion of Death.