The NPCs of the City



A quiet menace radiates from this lithe, 5'7 figure clad in a black leather duster as it reaches up with both black gloved hands to push back the hood that concealed the face in shadow. The first thing you notice about this young woman is the single braid of fiery red hair that extends down the middle of her back to her knees. She turns her light skinned face, with its delicate nose and full luscious lips, to take in her surroundings. Her almond shaped emerald eyes remain emotionless as she examines every detail of her environment. The grey sleeveless low cut half shirt she wears like a second skin tastefully shows off her ample cleavage and flat, well-toned stomach. Black skin tight hip hugger jeans accentuate her hips and well-muscled legs, and as she reaches down to adjust the emerald handles the knives sticking up slightly from the top of her combat boots her duster falls to the side to reveal the pair of Desert Eagles in the custom made holster in the middle of her back. She stands once again and stretches, allowing a glimpse of a pair of Glock 19's in a custom made shoulder holster before adjusting her duster and pulling the hood up, once again concealing her features in shadow as she turns away.

Jessica Leigh

The Huntress

Before you is a stunningly beautiful young woman. She is dressed in an outfit of a soft leather dyed varying shades of a deep green. Her long sleeved shirt, dyed a deep hunter green, with its leather string lacing up the full length of the sleeves and up the front, seems to hug her, tastefully showing off her ample breasts. Her pants, with their matching leather string lacing up the sides and dyed the same color as her shirt, seem to fit her well-muscled legs like a second skin. Her soft leather, knee high boots are a slightly darker shade of green, lacing up the front, also hugging her well-muscled calves. Her gloves, a slightly lighter shade of green, are pulled over her hands, extending over her wrists and about two inches further up her forearm, fitting snugly on her hands as to not hinder her in any way. Around her slender waist she wears a belt the same shade as her gloves, accentuating her hips even more than the lacing of her pants. Wrapped around her protectively she wears a cloak of a material dyed the same shade as her boots, the hood of which, when pulled up, completely covers her face, making her even more mysterious. She watches the world around her with almond shaped eyes of a light ice blue. Her lightly tanned face, with its small delicate nose and full luscious lips, is framed by her long, silky, soft fiery red hair. Wrapped around the full length of her hair, from the nape of her neck to the end at her knees, is a thin, but wide, leather strap that is dyed the same color as her shirt.



A lithe athletic build, this 5’9" woman stands wrapped in a black cloak and bare feet with talons. She watches the area around her with emotionless ice blue eyes, and her ankle length raven blue-black hair falls loose over the cloak. Tribal tattoos can be seen on the left side of her face and around her neck. Her visible piercings include both ears all the way from lobe up to top, both eyebrows twice, bridge of nose, septum, upper lip twice on left, le brae, bottom lip once on each side, and her tongue on the very rare occasions that she speaks.

Once in a while, though rarely, she will make a gesture with her hands and her long claws can be easily seen. On the even rarer occasions when she might open or remove the cloak, she is wearing a teal silk bikini top and black denim shorts that have been custom tailored to accommodate her tail. Piercings incl. the above named as well as both nipples, navel, labia three times, clit twice. Tattoos incl. dragon from ankle, extending up around right calf, over outer thigh, across mound, over left hip, across lower back, over right ribs under right breast to between breasts and over left breast, head appearing to be biting left nipple; tribal and other various tats around neck, covering most of the left side of her face, around upper arms just above elbow, around wrists, across upper back, across stomach, on both ass cheeks below the dragon, covering her entire outer left leg and over her right breast. Brandings incl. on both upper arms, left hip, left inner thigh, and the Sabbat symbol on her right ass cheek.

Aimee Brandt

The Lasombra

At first glance you'd think this young woman to be a model. Have you ever heard the saying "Looks can be deceiving"? It definitely fits with this lady. All heads turn when this 5'2" lady enters the room, catching the attention of everyone around her. Women want to be her, men want to conquer her. Tonight her honey blond hair falls loosely to just below her exposed creamy, smooth shoulders. A light blue shoulderless short sleeve shirt accentuates her baby blue eyes as she turns her bright, perfect smile on those scrambling to fawn over her. Faded blue jeans cover long, well-muscled legs like a second skin, making one wonder if they were painted on. Black, 4" heeled boots cover her feet and calves to her knees, surprisingly making no noise at all as she walks across the room.

Aiyana Wolf

The Wolf

A tall, slender beauty with a lithe well-toned form. She wears jeans or leathers with her black t-shirts and black leather biker’s jacket. Her waist length jet black hair frames a well-tanned face with definite Native American traits. Storm gray eyes watch this new world around her with suspicion.


The DreamWeaver

5'7" waist length red hair, piercing green eyes.



5'6", blonde curly hair, gold eyes; Jeans and t-shirts, flops or tennis shoes



5'4", black hair, chocolate eyes; she wears an Ao Dai of black, teal, sapphire or crimson, all high quality clothing with elegant embroidery.

Damia Fahmi

The Assassin

5'9" raven blue black hair, dark brown eyes; Egyptian Assamite

Layla Sasobek

The Witch

5'8", red hair, green eyes

Catherine Giovanni

The Bitch

5'10", brunette, grey eyes, athletic build, sophisticated; Grey or black suits with any color shirt, high quality, silk etc.