Oh so much information to work on.  For the moment, as we are using the same information for the RPG game as we are for the MUD, please use the races listed for the MUD as a base for here.  I'm working on them as quickly as I can.

Please keep in mind that a lot of these are still under development, so information might not quite be on the site yet.

The current full list of races are...

Autumnborn: Sometimes known as the half-elf; Cunning, multicultural survivors.
Half-Giant: Mighty, but slow and sometimes unwary, these humanoids of titanic ancestry make fine soldiers.
Human: Short-lived, ambitious generalists, adept in many fields.
Mul: Half human, half dwarf; Sturdy and powerful people who make fine warriors.

Duergar: deep dwarf; the stealthiest of dwarf-kin, cunning fighters and assassins
Fjallinen: mountain dwarf; Stubborn, tough mountain dwarves, strong in muscle and faith
Makinen: hill dwarf; Sturdy, brave hill dwarves, more versatile than their mountain kin

Avariel: winged elf; Frail but quick and capable of flight, these elves excel at range
Daliath: grey elf; Intelligent, aristocratic elves adept as spell casters.
Drow: dark elf; subterranean elves, adept at stealth and magic
Faraois: sylvan elf; Dexterous, wise elves of the woods, fine casters and rangers
Fiain: wild elf; the strongest and sturdiest elves, built for nomadic life and battle

Gnome: Intelligent and inventive, cunning short folk suited to magic and stealth
Tangata: Hobbits! Dexterous, witty and entrepreneurial short folk
Svirfneblin: The most stout and stalwart Halfling folk, industrious and strong, these Underdark dwellers can sometimes lack imagination.
Vilbar: Kender; Fearless, feral tricksters and great thieves among the short folk

Firbolg: Cunning, intelligent giant-kin, still mighty enough to crush most smaller folk.

Goblin: Weak and small of body but quick of mind, these manic inventors are the most magically adept of the Goblinkin.
Ogre: Mightiest of the goblinkin, these tribal and surly sorts are best suited for battle and physical contests.
Uruk: Versatile, proud goblin-kin, best suited for battle and physical contests

Aranea: A humanoid spider hybrid, often mistakenly called a werespider
Centaur: A creature with the upper body of a humanoid, and the lower body of a horse
Draconian: Imperious dragon-folk obsessed with empire-building through magical and physical power.
Hundur: Proud, powerful canine pack hunters, mistrustful of magic in the extreme
Katachti: Refined and disciplined, powerfully built catfolk long isolated from the realms
Raiona: A creature with the upper body of a humanoid, and the lower body of a lion