Just a few of the projects that we are working on!

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Codex de Magicus



TTRPGS? What the hell does that mean? Simply, Table Top Role-Playing Game System.

DreamWeaver grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons, and has played 2nd edition since it came out. It is her favorite edition. The game we present to you is Classic TSR published 2nd edition D&D, with a twist. We have added a few interesting things to the game mechanics... A few house rules, if you will... All of our additions will -- eventually -- be added here to the site, along with a database and character sheets!

Shattered Realms



MUD??Would you please quit using terms we don't know?!?

Wikipedia has a really good explination, but basically, it's like Zork with the possibility of hundreds of players at the same time. UNlike WoW or DDO or Skyrim, a MUD is purely text, not graphics. The history of modern massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like EverQuest and Ultima Online, and related virtual world genres such as the social virtual worlds exemplified by Second Life, can be traced directly back to the MUD genre.

Shattered Realms, a medieval high fantasy game, with systems roughly based on Dungeons and Dragons and a uniquely crafted setting unlike any before it. It's an on-line Multi User Dungeon, or MUD, that is friendly to newbies, while still being very fun for experienced MUD players. Roleplaying is highly encouraged, and we hope you'll enjoy the lore of the world of Shattered Realms as much as the community. Join us as one of 10 classes, with the history and powers of one of 12 races to guide you. Become a noble Knight, a powerful Elementalist, or a sneaky Thief, and join the Cycle of Ages! The future of the world's history awaits your actions; as a Chosen Champion of one of the High Heavens, serving the Factions of Good, Evil, or Balance, or the Kingdoms and Empires of the mortal races, you can become a powerful noble, a noble hero, a mighty bandit, or a terrible assassin. Consider the name of your character carefully! Someday, it may be cast in the stones of memorial, the songs of poets, the legends of our shared world...

To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

Host: mud.themudhost.net
Port: 8081

Tomorrow's Playground

imageA survival horror fantasy role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic setting. Do you remain good of heart and try to further humanity by saving it? Or do you adapt and become harsh like the world, living from day to day, with decisions and morality fit to survive? Or has the face of socialism, and humanity completely left from you, making you become like those of the wastes, tyrant marauders bent on annihilation and devastation?

Tomorrow's Playground is more a setting that we tell stories in than it is a game we play. At this time, we are still trying to figure out if we are going to work on this as a MUD or as a chat, if we present it at all. Either way, DreamWeaver's best friend and creative partner, Cross, is working on the game system to give to DW to present for your playing pleasure, so we keep this classified as a "Project in the works".

Fallen Earth: The Slaughter Kings



Cross and Sav'vannis play on a post-apocalyptic online mmorpg called Fallen Earth. Cross started a clan there, nameed The Slaughter Kings. This section of the site will have all of the information for the clan, along with some pics from when they were still very active in the game, if DreamWeaver can find them again.



Houston by Night


As sad as this is to say, due to a severe lack of interest from staff and players alike, the Chat portion of the game has been closed. All of the information is still here on the site, including the database and a few of the venue character sheets.  DreamWeaver says she will work on the remaining venues as she has time to do them.