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The original idea was that the Priesthood controls most of the country.  If the Priests have a problem, they call the Templars. If there’s only 1 Templar, meh, ok; if 2 Templars show up, you’re in some seriously deep shit; if 3 or more Templars are sent, pray for your life for you probably won’t have it much longer.  Capital is Latsyrc; towns include Tabek, Vivant, Cochon, Munng, Korb, Oreen, Aldon, Ahmiran and Navet.

With the country being 90% plains, the populace of the country finds little to no desire to settle down and build towns or cities. There are a few villages scattered throughout the country, very few towns and the only city to speak of is the capital, Latsyrc. The remainder of the country’s population consists of nomadic tribes which move often, following herds or moving to find new herds to avoid over hunting. 

When working with this country, think of the Native American Indian tribes before Europeans came in and murdered their way of life.  Aldon is considered the edge of ‘civilization’ by the rest of the continent.  It will be built as the ‘basilica’ of the Priests.

The Priests like to think they are the “governing body” in Rahilyon. The truth is, the tribes allow them to think that until the Priests start to interfere too much with the tribes’ way of life, at which time the tribes put their foot down and let the Priests and Templars know exactly who governs in Rahilyon. To keep the peace, the Priests pretty much leave the tribes alone, governing only those not born of the tribes who move in to Rahilyon.


In general, a council of elders rules Rahilyon.  Each tribe has a council of elders that governs the tribe.  From this council 1 member is chosen to represent the tribe in the council for the region. From each region, there is 1 member that represents the region in the country’s council. The regional councils gather every year, usually in the spring, while the country council meets every 3rd year in Latsyrc.


To the populace of Rahilyon, there is no “aristocracy”.  Each tribe has an area they roam, like lions or the herds of buffalo, gazelles or horses which they follow, and pretty much stick to their domains.  The tribes believe that no one man is more important than another, every man, woman and child has their place in the world, and in the tribe, each member working for the common goals of the tribe and not for any personal recognition or wealth. 

Public Agenda

An organization's public agenda describes their goals and motivation behind their actions. This can be the promises of a politician or the mandate of a guild.


Silver and gold, buildings, troops, equipment, weapons, ships and horses, castles and other fortifications are the amasses or available wealth of an organization.


Write here the outline of the history of this organization. Use the timeline to add the most important events in your organization's history.


If the organization is dissolved/disbanded when it happened and which were the circumstances surrounding it's dissolution? (This will also mark the Organization as "Disbanded")

Demography and Population

Use this if the organization owns lands which are inhabited in anyway. How is the population divided across these lands? What is the average birth and death rate?


Which territories does the organization occupy and what is the state of occupation? Are they the ancestral lands? Forcefully held? Being assimilated or colonized?


There is no formal military to speak of, but that, by no means, is not to say that the country is defenseless.  The tribes are, for the most part, warriors.  Every child is taught to fight, male and female. As the children grow, if they find interest in other things, they can become cooks, weavers, farmers, whatever the wish that is mutually beneficial to the entire tribe.  Even those who do not become warriors further into their adult lives are encouraged to maintain some degree of fighter’s prowess in the event they may be called on to defend the tribe against outsiders or rival tribes.

Technological Level

Which technologies are widely available to the citizens of this nation and which groundbreaking achievements give its military an edge? Any specific technologies the nation has developed or manufactures domestically?


Aldon is the basilica of the Priests for the entire continent.  Priests, Paladins and Templars alike call this place “Home”; they all come here for formal training and major ceremonies.  The Priests like to think they are in control of Rahilyon, but in actuality, they have very little control over anything at all.  Even with as powerful as the Templars are, the nomadic tribes of Rahilyon refuse to bow down to the Priests.  The individual tribes are polytheistic, worshipping many different Gods and Goddesses.  In some neighboring tribes, many of the minor deities overlap, giving the tribes common grounds to co-exist without war. The major deities are the same throughout the vast majority of the country.

Foreign Relations

Diplomatic relations can be described using the Diplomacy tab. Here you can give a broader explanation of the diplomatic relations established (or not) of the organization.

Agriculture & Industry

Is your organization an agricultural or industrial power? Which are the activities which support these facets of your organization? Think Steel Production, Oil Refineries, Great grain plains, extensive husbandry, honey production, whaling, stellar mining, or pedigree breeding of horses or dogs.

Trade & Transport

How and which products are being moved and traded over and within the borders or zone of control of your organization? Consider high way networks like the roman highways or the USA highway network, super fast train networks, trade agreements and tradeports of the Hanseatic League, Starbases and Wormholes etc.


How are the members/populace of your organization educated? What is the average education level within your organization? Is there any disparity/access differentiation between classes?


What are the physical assets of your organization which assure its health and well being? Aquaducts, Sewage, Road networks, airports, castles, border towers, bridges, locks, town courts/halls, walls, stargates, starbases, space elevators etc.

Mythology & Lore

What mythology/forgotten history underpins the basis and teachings of this religion? Consider garden of Eden, Creation myth, The stories of the ancient gods and heroes of ages passed.

Divine Origins

Where did this religion come from? Where did the teachings, beliefs and sacrosanct rituals develop?

Cosmological Views

What is the understanding of the world and its creation according to this religion?

Tenets of Faith

What are the basic rules/laws/commandments that define and guide the faithful of this religion?


What are the extended rules, and interpretations of the tenets of faith which guide the every day lives and decisions of the faithful? What is considered a sin or a pious act?


How does one worship in this religion? What are the everyday or regular practices, rituals and traditions of the faithful?


Who guides the faithful of this religion? How are they appointed? How are they distinguished from the rest of the flock?

Granted Divine Powers

What are the supernatural powers granted to the priests or the faithful of this religion?

Political Influence & Intrigue

How does this religion affect the political fabric of the organizations that it has permeated?


What factions and sects exist within the confines of this religion? How do they differ from the main dogma? How are they characterised and perceived by the mainstream faith?