Shattered Realms MUD

All is as Shen willed it, so long ago. The Elder Gods have danced through the World, and made it as it should be though their struggles and squabbles shaped it in unexpected ways. The New Gods, from mighty Tyrion to terrible Sav'vannis and her consort The Harbinger to the humble Alaryyn, have taken up the duties of their forebears in managing the Three Houses of the High Heavens, holding court in the Astral Dominion of the Constellations. And yet, they look upon the world and are troubled.

There are rumors among mortals of a Great Game, a wager between the Houses of Heaven to turn each Age to the ways of good, evil or neutral gods. There are murmurs that Champions are chosen like chess pieces, and used to thwart or exalt each Age. Some mortals believe the Heavens are at war; that the gods do battle in their wild and distant places, not touching the World directly anymore. There are many who believe that as it is above, it must be below, and armies of Paladins and Templars sweep across the lands like floods, raising and crushing those kingdoms not protected as Eternal Cities.

The people of the Night Below, the Underdark, are returning to political life in the World, and some among them are named Champions. The Autumnborn, sons and daughters of Elf and Man, seek to make their own nation and find the peace denied them by their kin. The Necromancer Cults exalt Sav'vannis and Rikelus, but unwittingly or maliciously mock their dark sacraments, and bring the fell attentions of the Lovers in Death upon their ill-fated lands. The Dwarves are rocked by political upheaval as the Mountain King lies dying, and the Proving seeks a Hill King. The Five Tribes hold court in their ancient city once more, at once attempting to preserve their ancient ways and stem the losses of their once mighty empires.

Humans multiply and conquer and barter and coexist, disturbing things that should have been left sleeping, angering beings that have not been roused to war since the ancient days of the Bloody Tide and the Dark Wedding. The Goblinkin struggle to find a place for themselves; their culture, their past and the truth of their origins lost somewhere in the Night Below, held in the greedy clutches of the Dark Dwarves and Drow. The Wyldkin are forced, more and more, to interact with other mortals, and like the Goblinkin, may lose everything in the exchange.

Into this Age of Chaos, awake. Take up arms, and decide the future.

Shattered Realms, a medieval high fantasy game, with systems roughly based on Dungeons and Dragons and a uniquely crafted setting unlike any before it. It's an on-line Multi User Dungeon, or MUD, that is friendly to newbies, while still being very fun for experienced MUD players. Roleplaying is highly encouraged, and we hope you'll enjoy the lore of the world of Shattered Realms as much as the community. Join us as one of 10 classes, with the history and powers of one of 12 races to guide you. Become a noble Knight, a powerful Elementalist, or a sneaky Thief, and join the Cycle of Ages! The future of the world's history awaits your actions; as a Chosen Champion of one of the High Heavens, serving the Factions of Good, Evil, or Balance, or the Kingdoms and Empires of the mortal races, you can become a powerful noble, a noble hero, a mighty bandit, or a terrible assassin. Consider the name of your character carefully! Someday, it may be cast in the stones of memorial, the songs of poets, the legends of our shared world...

Shattered Realms uses the VILE Codebase.
• The Vile Intent Codebase(VILE) is © 1997-2002 by Chris Litchfield and Mark Archambault.
• VILE is based on ROM 2.4 beta, © 1993 - 1996 Russ Taylor.
• ROM is based on Merc 2.1, Merc Diku Mud improvments are © 1992, 1993 by Michael Chastain, Michael Quan, and Mitchell Tse.
• Merc is based on the Original Diku Mud, © 1990, 1991 by Sebastian Hammer, Michael Seifert, Hans Henrik Strfeldt, Tom Madsen, and Katja Nyboe.

To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

Host IP:
Port: 7060

We are listed on The Mud Connection, and you can connect through them without a MUD client. (Both those links open in a new window, btw!) Once we figure out how to do the telnet window on our site, the link to MUDPortal will be moved.

Back in the day, the standard width for MUDs was 80 characters wide. We have modified our code to allow for 120 characters wide. If your Client allows you to change the setting, please adjust it to no less than 125 wide so that things don't look all funkedified, as they will if you connect through TMC.