Shattered Realms MUD

Warriors are not always the fastest or strongest men; strength and speed can be developed through training. Warriors are those who stand between their enemy and all that he loves or holds sacred.

The following classes are currently coded in and available to play on Shattered Realms.

Class XP/Lvl      Overview

Fighter 6000 A fighter with good skills and no magic who fights for money
Berserker 6250 A strong fighter with a tendency to berserk in battle
Bard 6500 A traveling minstrel mastered in the art of song
Thief 6500 A poor fighter mastered in deception and thievery
Druid 6000 A master of the outdoors
Priest 6000 A spellcaster specialing in healing and protection
Paladin 7000 A holy warrior for the church
Templar 7000 An unholy warrior for the church
Mage 6000 A poor fighter but a master of magic
Warlock 6750 A master of magic also trained to fight


The following classes are under development:

Class XP/Lvl      Overview

*Monk 6500 A master of the martial arts
*Mystic 6250 A master of several fighting styles and the outdoors
Alchemist   Chemists, specializing in potions and brews
Scholar   Specializes in learning from scrolls.
Necromancer 6500 A spell caster specializing in deadth and the undead
Enchanter   A mage specializing in enchantments
Stoneshaper   A spell caster specializing in the Element of Earth
Windweaver   A spell caster specializing in the Element of Air
Flameforger   A spell caster specializing in the Element of Fire
Seastrider   A spell caster specializing in the Element of Water

The Monk and Mystic will be coded in when we get the glitch with the 'style' skill fixed.



To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

Host IP:
Port: 7060

We are listed on The Mud Connection, and you can connect through them without a MUD client. (Both those links open in a new window, btw!) Once we figure out how to do the telnet window on our site, the link to MUDPortal will be moved.

Back in the day, the standard width for MUDs was 80 characters wide. We have modified our code to allow for 120 characters wide. If your Client allows you to change the setting, please adjust it to no less than 125 wide so that things don't look all funkedified, as they will if you connect through TMC.