Currently there are only 4 Immortals on the MUD. They are:


Goddess of the Underworld, the Undead, Darkness and the Night, Owner, Coder, Designer

"You feel suddenly captivated by the image of great beauty which steps from the shadows, pushing the hood of her cloak back to fall on her shoulders. Before you is a very dark skinned young woman. Her face, with its subdued elven features, is framed by her mid-thigh length silver hair, worn loosely down her back, between a pair of ebony feathered wings that are currently wrapped around her. She attentively watches the world around her, including you, with piercing bright violet eyes. After a moment, she blinks once and stretches first the wings, spreading them a full 10 feet wide, then her arms, reaching above her head for a moment before bringing them down to her sides, her right forearm rests on the black, spider carved pommel of her long sword, while her left rests on the top of a large, black double bladed battle axe, the blade of which has spiders with a single red hourglass on their back etched on it. With wings now spread behind her, you can see the black chain mail bra type top, etched in silver with a beautifully intricate design. Wrapped around her she wears a black hooded cloak almost dragging the ground as she walks, upon which is embroidered Oloth zhah tuth abbil lueth ogglin, specifically made to accommodate her beautiful wings. Across her back is a black quiver with black shafted arrows fletched with black feathers, and an unstrung, finely crafted black oak, rune carved long bow. At the bottom of the quiver is a barb tipped black whip attached to the belt that accentuates her slender waist. Her well muscled legs are covered with a skin tight pair of black pants, over which she wears a pair of cuisses protecting her things with greaves and sabaton protecting her lower legs and feet. All the pieces of armor she wears are also black and intricately etched in silver. After a moment, she reaches both black leather gloved hands up to pull the hood of her cloak back up and steps back into the shadows, disappearing completely."

About her player:
Sav'vannis is a website designer by trade, and owns her own web hosting company. She has been involved in MUDs for 20+ years now, starting as a player, then as a builder for a while, until finally finding a copy of code to play with.  She is self taught in what coding she knows, with help along the way from The Mage, who developed our current codebase with his partner. 



God of all things Magical, "Fluff" Writer, Area Tester

A human, at first glance, this immortal stands at a normal height, bearing little excess weight on his slender, well-built frame. His hair is a startling azure, spiked up improbably, and he wears a beard in the fashion of the dwarves, with a surprising number of braids in it. He typically wears light armor of celestial make, and his eyes glow a sparkling emerald, merry and cheerful. The other great indicator of his identity is the alarming set of golden tattoos crisscrossing his skin in some wildly fantastic, but orderly, geometric pattern. They flicker and rearrange themselves as you watch, creating the name "Alaryyn" on his skin in a language you somehow know...


Harbinger of Death, Idea Tosser

The Harbinger was a broad man. Massive in stature and in musculature. Due to his strict training as a Monk of the Order of Strength, he honed his body into a living weapon. Most would mistake him for a Kitthain in the dark. A suit of black leathers covered his frame, accentuating this juggernaut's powerful build. Glossy black, and ornamented with black thin spike, to most he'd be a power to behold. Steel forged in the abyss of Stygia accented and protected the leathers of the Harbinger, the Master of Combat. He wielded his choice weapon, the Scythe given to him during his crossover into Champion hood. Heralded as Nadynne's warrior among warriors, well into his fifth century of service. The longest of any other.




To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

Host IP:
Port: 7060

We are listed on The Mud Connection, and you can connect through them without a MUD client. (Both those links open in a new window, btw!) Once we figure out how to do the telnet window on our site, the link to MUDPortal will be moved.

Back in the day, the standard width for MUDs was 80 characters wide. We have modified our code to allow for 120 characters wide. If your Client allows you to change the setting, please adjust it to no less than 125 wide so that things don't look all funkedified, as they will if you connect through TMC.