Marva – God of Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, the bestial races
Nadynne – Goddess of Death
Rikelus – Harbinger of Death and God of War and Combat
Savvannis – Goddess of the Underworld, the Undead, Darkness and the Night
Eadrana – Goddess of Thieves, Liars, Gamblers, and Arbitrators
Torden – Goddess of Thunder, Storms, Rain, Lightning
Chavvah – Goddess of Forests, Nature and the Earth
Theladric – God of Mountains
Temarichi – Goddess of Blacksmiths and Fire
Valin – Goddess of Felines and Fertility, Child Birth, and Marriage
Laria – Goddess of Wind, Air, and the Sky
Brizardul – Goddess of Seas, Oceans, Rivers, and all bodies of water
Masarius – God of Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth
Tyrion – God of Justice
Istaonar – Goddess of Medicine and Healing
Faewynne – Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Passion; child of Masarius and Istaonar, twin of Fyrewyrr
Fyrewyrr – God of Poetry, Prophecy, and Music; child of Masarius and Istaonar, twin of Faewynne
Alaryyn – God of Magic

We are re-working the History of the Realms and will get it added as soon as we have it.  For now, please enjoy the little bit we have...

To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

Host IP:
Port: 7060

We are listed on The Mud Connection, and you can connect through them without a MUD client. (Both those links open in a new window, btw!) Once we figure out how to do the telnet window on our site, the link to MUDPortal will be moved.

Back in the day, the standard width for MUDs was 80 characters wide. We have modified our code to allow for 120 characters wide. If your Client allows you to change the setting, please adjust it to no less than 125 wide so that things don't look all funkedified, as they will if you connect through TMC.