Shattered Realms MUD

A few of the areas on the Realms have items that are maps.  There is also "help ahmiran" which will show you a map of the main city.  The following is a list of maps we currently have available... All links will open in a new tab/window.

I was recently given the originally submitted, hand drawn maps that one of the original players gave to Winston of The Mage's Lair. They are included below.  Please Note: any maps with directions on how to get to the area, those directions will be obsolete as soon as I get the areas re-arranged on the new world map we are using.  This list will be shortening as we delete, remake, and add areas.


Ahmiran       Southern Ahmiran
Western Calinth   Calinth   Eastern Calinth
Aliene: Level 1   Aliene: Level 2   Aliene: Level 3
Abandoned Cathedral 1   Abandoned Cathedral 2   Abandoned Cathedral 3
Ahmiran Prison   Ancient Forest 1   Ancient Forest 2
Arachnos   Armageddon   Atlantis
The Bazaar        
Blackwind Castle 1   Blackwind Castle 2   Blackwind Castle 3
Camelot   Camelot East 1   Camelot East 2
Cavern of Heroes   City of Dawn 1   City of Dawn 2
Calinth Docks   The Dwarven Catacombs   The Temple Catacombs 1
The Temple Catacombs 2   The Temple Catacombs 3   The Temple Catacombs 4
Cloudy Mountain 1   Cloudy Mountain 2    
    Dwarven Day Care   Divided Souls 1
Divided Souls 2   Divided Souls 3   Divided Souls 4
Dragon Tower 1   Dragon Tower 2   Elemental Canyon
Drakyri Isle 1   Drakyri Isle 2   Drakyri Isle 3
Dwarven Kingdom 1   Dwarven Kingdom 2   Elvendor
        Faerie Ring
Fortress of Goblins 1   Fortress of Goblins 2   Fortress of Goblins 3
Firetop Mountain   Gilda and the Dragon 1   Gilda and the Dragon 2
Gangland   Gnome's Village 1   Gnome's Village 2
Gypsy's Camp   Drow City 1   Drow City 2
Haon Dor   Holy Grove   Kingdom of Juargan
High Tower 1   High Tower 2   High Tower 3
High Tower 4   High Tower 5   High Tower 6
High Tower 7   Isle of Terror 1   Isle of Terror 2
Keep of the Warlock 1   Keep of the Warlock 2   Keep of the Warlock 3
Khera Vale 1   Khera Vale 2   Khera Vale 3
Khera Vale 4   Lairasia Museum 1   Lairasia Museum 2
Kobold Keep 1   Kobold Keep 2   Kobold Keep 3
Land of the Fire Newt       Mansion
Mahn-Tor 1   Mahn-Tor 2   Mahn-Tor 3
Marsh   Miden'nir   Hall of the Mountain King
Mystic Caverns 1   Mystic Caverns 2   Mystic Caverns 3
Mystic Caverns 4   North Harbor 1   North Harbor 2
New Ofcol   Old Thalos   Plains of Blood
Orc's Lair 1   Orc's Lair 2   Orc's Lair 3
Pirate Isles 1   Pirate Isles 2   Pirate Isles 3
Pirate Isles 4   Pirate Isles 5   Shire
Plains 1   Plains 2   Rat's Lair 1
Realm of Battle 1   Realm of Battle 2   Rat's Lair 2
Resident Mystery 1   Resident Mystery 2   Resident Mystery 3
Sands of Sorrow   Sea of Serenity 1   Sea of Serenity 2
Shrine of Tahkien   Sea of Serenity 3   Sea of Serenity 4
Temple of the White Lotus   Teutonic Fortress 1   Teutonic Fortress 2
Thalos   Treasure Island   Troll's Den
Wizard Conclave 1   Wizard Conclave 2   Wizard Conclave 3
Wizard Conclave 4   Wizard Conclave 5   Wizard Conclave 6
Wyvern's Tower 1   Wyvern's Tower 2   Wyvern's Tower 3
Mirkwood   Yggdrasil   Vikings
Descent to Hell 1   Descent to Hell 2   Descent to Hell 3
Descent to Hell 4   Valley of the Titans   Valley of the Elves 1
Valorious Death 1   Valorious Death 2   Valley of the Elves 2

We will have more up as soon as we get them done!

We also have a list of directions to MOST of the areas, though these will be changing as Sav'vannis re-arranges the areas to fit our new vision of The Realms (and the World Map!).

To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

Host IP:
Port: 7060

We are listed on The Mud Connection, and you can connect through them without a MUD client. (Both those links open in a new window, btw!) Once we figure out how to do the telnet window on our site, the link to MUDPortal will be moved.

Back in the day, the standard width for MUDs was 80 characters wide. We have modified our code to allow for 120 characters wide. If your Client allows you to change the setting, please adjust it to no less than 125 wide so that things don't look all funkedified, as they will if you connect through TMC.