Shattered Realms MUD

There are currently 20 playable races for the Realms, with more still in the works to be added eventually. Some of them are races you may choose upon creation, some are strictly reserved for those players who have earned them through RP or have proven to the Immortals that they can handle the challenge of playing the race on a MUD.

In each section it will tell you if the race is playable by players or if they are reserved. Please take note that some races have specific restrictions on players being allowed to play them. Don't fret, these are simple rules that should be easy to follow!

The current race list is (click on the race category to go to the race's details page):

Race CP Overview
Human 0 Shortlived, ambitious generalists, adept in many fields
Autumnborn 1 Cunning, multicultural survivors
Mul 3 Sturdy and powerful people who make fine warriors
Daliath 2 Intelligent, aristocratic elves adept as spellcasters
Faraois 2 Dextrous, wise elves of the woods, fine casters and rangers
Avariel 4 Frail but quick and capable of flight, these elves excel at range
Fiain 3 The strongest and sturdiest elves, built for nomadic life and battle
Drow 3 Subterranean elves, adept at stealth and magic
Fjallinen 2 Stubborn, tough mountain dwarves, strong in muscle and faith
Makinen 2 Sturdy, brave hill dwarves, more versatile than their mountain kin
Tangata 3 Dextrous, witty and entrepeneurial short folk
Vilbar 4 Fearless, feral tricksters and great thieves among the short folk
Gnome 3 Intelligent and inventive, cunning short folk suited to magic and stealth
Goblin 2 Weak, small of body, quick of mind, the most magically adept of the Goblinkin
Uruk 2 Versatile, proud goblinkin that make fine soldiers, mages and rogues
Firblog 4 Cunning, intelligent giantkin, still mighty enough to crush most smaller folk
Katachti 5 Refined and disciplined, powerfully built catfolk long isolated from the Realms
Hundur 5 Proud, powerful canine pack hunters, mistrustful of magic in the extreme
Centaur 4 From boisterous bruisers to dangerous hedonists, the horsefolk live to the fullest
Raiona 6 Leonine plains-dwellers who feel most at home on the hunt

Races either under development or under consideration

Race C/D Overview
Duergar D The stealthiest of dwarfkin, cunning fighters and assassins.
DeepHalfling C Cunning and cruel subterranean cousins of the Tangata.
Svirfneblin C The most stout and stalwart short folk, industrious and strong.
Hobgoblin D Strong and militaristic goblinoids with no aptitude for stealth.
Bugbear C Burly and brutish, stronger cousins of hobgoblins
Ogre C Mightiest of the goblinkin, these tribal and surly sorts are best suited for battle and physical contests.
Verbeeg C Wicked, stealthy giants, the smallest of their ilk.
Draconian D Imperious dragonfolk obsessed with empire-building through magical and physical power.
Thri-Kreen C Mantis-folk who live by matriarchal rule, adept in stealth and battle.
Aranea C The living embodiment of misunderstood, these arachnid humanoids often live double lives


To connect to Shattered Realms you need telnet or a MUD client, such as ALClient, zMud, gMud, MUSHclient, etc. with the following information:

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