Ok, so we have decided that we are going to present our own version of an RPG system using the Shattered Realms setting. There's a plethora of information going up there, and Sav'vannis is getting it all up as soon as she can, but there's a lot of organizing and formatting to be done. Please be patient and check back often!

What we are presenting here is not strictly AD&D 2.0. I have been playing AD&D since shortly after Gary Gygax first published the original D&D game, when my oldest brother introduced me to playing. I prefer the TSR published versions of Original and 2.0, but since those are very rarely played any more, I decided to check out 3.5. It's not bad, but in my honest opinion, far better than anything published afterwards. After much consideration, much research, and much discussion, we have decided that though 3.5 is decent, we just like 2.0 much better. Call us old fashioned, call us stuck in the MUD (pun intended), but 2.0 is, in our honest opinion, so much better. Yeah, it had its flaws, but what we are presenting is not 100% 2nd Edition.

Many, many years ago, I was introduced to Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing, and loved it.  Had the 1st edition book until Hurricane Ike destroyed it in 2008, and have spent the years following trying to find another copy. I finally found a digital copy of the 1st and 2nd edition books, yay me!  There were elements of the game that I especially liked, and decided to see how well they would incorporate into a working AD&D 2.0 game.  The rules presented here are the results of those experimentations; quite a bit of modification and personalization - a mix of this game and that game, pieces here and there that we liked from other systems that we thought meshed well together.