The Dark Wedding

The following is the short version of the story, which is currently being expanded to include more details. It does contain some adult content.


It is said that the undead transition is but a twisted perversion of the love Rikelus and Sav’vannis share. As they mate, the entropic spark of life in death ignites the fire of creation and the undead are created, able to walk the realm of the living once again.

Before the first war of the gods, Nadynne’s champion, the Harbinger Rikelus, for whatever reason, went to sleep. Nadynne’s priests hid his body, and overmany dozens of generations, his location had been lost and forgotten. During the first war of the gods, a group of Nadynne’s priests learned of the location; one of her priests said he had ‘seen it in a dream’. They were sent to awaken the Harbinger. When he awoke, Rikelus went on a killing spree. He was killing all of the gods’ champions. No one knew why, but they knew he was tough to defeat.

A young man aspiring to become a champion happened upon Rikelus, who had the female champion of the elves bound and tied to the stone ground on a holy site. Unfortunately for the young man, and the champion, she was already dead. The young man fought Rikelus briefly, soon realizing that he couldn’t contend with Rikelus this early on and needed help.

A young necromancer following Nadynne is being given dreams… dreams that coincide with the Harbinger. The necromancer was tasked with strange things. The first task was cutting out his tongue at a desecrated holy site, then digging up a corpse, taking its tongue and putting it to the stump of his own severed tongue under the full moon. He did this and soon learned he could now command the undead better than before.

Another task was for him to bring a young sacrifice to an old holy site of Nadynne’s church. There, he met the Harbinger, who beat him down and punched a hole in his stomach, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, he realized he was not dead and that Rikelus was eating his entrails from a specially prepared earthen bowl. The necromancer had been turned into a Lich.

His next task was to go to the elven city and pick up a package. In that city, under disguise, he enters the church of the god Masarius. A priest who has sworn allegiance to Nadynne has captured the elven king’s daughter, Sav’vannis. Everyone in the realms wanted her as she was considered the most desirable, the most beautiful woman alive, and she was pure. She was to be taken to a city to the north, where Masarius’ high temple had been destroyed by the Harbinger.

There, in the ruins, the necromancer finds the dead bodies of the priests and priestesses of Masarius engaging in sexual acts. The Harbinger was awaiting Sav’vannis' arrival. She was hoisted onto a bondage chain that held her wrists while she dangled. A storm began overhead and the clouds began to drizzle blood. Rikelus undressed, then riped Sav’vannis’ clothes from her. He circled her, speaking a dead tongue. The few priests of Masarius still living died just from hearing it. Rikelus then stepped behind Sav’vannis and shoved himself deep in her ass and began to fuck her. The rain picked up and the bodies committing sexual acts began to moan; they seemed to find pleasure in this debauchery. As he climaxed, the clouds go silent and Sav’vannis moans in absolute pleasure.

The scene began to die down, however, and as the hours pass, Sav’vannis’ stomach begins to expand. The necromancer is told to cut the conceived child from her womb and he does so. The child was taken away and Sav’vannis was healed and converted. No one knows what happened to the child, not even Sav'vannis.

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