DreamWeaver started writing when she was a young thing in Hwhat humans refer to as high shchool. She started out writing poetry, and in later years started writing short stories. Most of her stories are the product of characters she's played on the various games for over 2 decades now, starting with the MUDs and eventually moving on to the rest.

On the Vampire the Masquerade based chats she played, it was generally a requirement for a character to have at least a paragraph or two about their background - who they were, where they were from, but more about how they became a vampire. Being the creative writer that she is, DreamWeaver could never leave it at a simple paragraph, her backgrounds tended to be miniature novels, or short stories.

Those stories, along with others she has written from what is called a scene in the game, are presented here in this section of the site. Part of what is taking so long to get them posted is getting permission from the other main character's owner and writer, as he also writes the stories of his characters.

Please, be patient with us as we get things up here and linked for your reading pleasure. Be forewarned, however: Most of their writing is of a very explicit nature. This is the only warning that these should be viewed only by mature adults and not those under the age of 18.

Check the lists to the left for the stories. They are linked to the index pages for each genre, or game, which we have stories written for.