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Once upon a time...

There were these two friends who loved roleplaying games so much they decided to make a site with several of the ideas they had.

Back in the mid-1990s, there were these 2 friends who met while playing on a MUD named "Legends of Dracon". No one thought it strange that this badass fighter dude and this hellaciously awesome feline spellcaster would run around, dominating the realm, slaughtering everything in site before going off somewhere private to rest and recoup.  Over the years, she played on a few different MUDs, found a couple that she really liked -- especially one called Arcanum -- but never had as much fun on them as she did with Him.  She even started working on learning to code a MUD so they could have their own.

A few years later, he showed her a whole new game on a whole new platform: Vampire the Masquerade on a Chat.  After just one day, she was hooked!  They started out on a chat named "Obsidian County", until they changed their game to something the friends did not like at all.  So from there, the pair moved to "Devil's Macabre", and later to "Immortal Vigilance".  They spent several years there, building up their main characters, starting a few back-up characters, and building a small family of players.

The pair eventually tried to start their own chat, and after several attempts, they finally have one: Houston by Night. Somewhere along the way, they added other game concepts to their interests, along with clans and families on other games such as Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), NeverWinter (NW) and  Fallen Earth (FE). 

Our two most recent projects are shown below.  For a full listing and description, check out the Games page.

Our Current Projects


Shattered Realms the MUD, or Multi-User Dungeon, loosely based on the old AD&D game system.

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Shattered Realms the AD&D Project... Is an AD&D 2nd Edition game, with an interesting twist. Check out the page for more details!

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